Theater Events Postponed Due to Heavy Rains Expected

You know we hate to do it . . . . but, 

in the interest of public safety, the Rialto Theater will not be open this weekend . . . 
we will all sit and wait to see where Harvey is gonna land and how much water 
comes with him to the Coastal Bend.  As we intentionally live in the tropics, we're used to tropical weather and know how to prepare.  But as flooding is so treacherous, we'll stay home and off the roads . . . and hope you will to. 

And if it stays dry as a bone . . . we'll all celebrate that there was much to do about nothing.  Always our hope when these storms rear up and give the media plenty to worry us about.  

Our Fab Friday music and movie on August 25th will be rescheduled.  We'll have Eric Miller back in the lounge, and we'll run "Steel Magnolias" some time in October.  

Anitra Jay has been rebooked as our headliner for our First Saturday Blues & BBQ in November. . . November 4th to be exact.  Mark your calendar now.  This is an artist you don't want to miss.

Hope to see you all next Friday, September 1st . . . 
our movie will be "The Man Who Would Be King" on our BIG screen at 7:30 p.m.