New Volunteer Coordinator and Bar Manager

The Rialto Theater is delighted to announce the appointment of Suzy Shearing as 

Volunteer Coordinator
Bar Manager.

Suzy will be responsible for finding, training and managing our volunteers
 and their scheduling.  She will also be responsible for the operation of the Rialto bar.  
As a past volunteer, Suzy brings with her enthusiasm, artistic talent, excellent organization skills and the same passion that all our volunteers feel for the Rialto.

Suzy is a forward-thinker, problem solver and all-round energy force.  

Please join us in welcoming her as she takes on this demanding but fulfilling new position.

If you are ready to join our growing volunteer team, 
please email 
or call 361-758-0383.  

Karen Froeschner will continue as a volunteer Director of Theater Operations.